Every proposal you send can be downloaded as a PDF file. The PDF is a different format to the web version so it doesn't look identical, but there are some built-in options which allow you to tailor the output.

To edit these options, click Settings in the top right of your account, then 'Proposal Branding' and then 'PDF Settings'.

Turn the PDF on/off
You can decide whether your client is able to download the PDF version of your proposals. If you switch this off, you will still be able to download it from the proposal preview yourself.

Cover style 

You can choose between two cover styles:

  • A modern slanted design which appears over the top of your cover's background image or colour. 
  • A full page background image.

Page headers

Every PDF has pre-designed grey page headers by default. Each page from your proposal has its own header, which you can see an example of below.

You have the option to leave the headers as they are, turn them off, or change the background colour and text colour. 

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