Selling in Packages and giving your clients choice

If you sell packages or you want your client to be able to choose between multiple different options then this is for you. 

Add your product to your pricing table like you normally would, click the settings icon to the left of the product name and switch on 'Make this a choice' and you'll see it look different. 

If you then add a second, third, forth one your client will be able to select one, then if they click a different one it updates their total as they can only select one.

This is absolutely brilliant if you want to have someone choose the Gold, Silver or Bronze package for instance. Perhaps you'll use it to get the client to choose something non-monetary like a payment plan option or a delivery option. Get creative!

Increase that transaction value with add-ons

When sending proposals it can be very useful to build in optional extras, so your client can choose additional items or add-on products. 

To create an optional item in a pricing table, add the product as normal. Here in this example we have named it 'Optional Extra'. For a detailed step by step guide on adding products to pricing tables try here.

Once the Optional Extra is showing in the table, click the Settings icon to the left of the product name, and tick 'Make this optional'. 

When your client views the pricing table, they will see a plus (+) box by that item, giving them the option to add it to their total.

Here's what they'll see:

And here it is with the optional extra selected (note the total price auto-updates):

Alternatively: if you would prefer that optional extras are already ticked / included in the total price, they can be switched on so that your client needs to opt-out of them. 

Simply preview your proposal before sending, and tick the optional extras required. Close the proposal, and these settings will be saved so when the client opens the proposal, they will be pre-selected as per the screenshot above. If your client wants to remove the product, they simply uncheck the green tick.

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