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Integrate with Stripe and take payments on your documents

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The biggest hurdle of any small business is getting paid. Better Proposals makes that seamless for both you and your client with our integration with Stripe.

Connecting your Account

1. To access Integration settings, just click Settings > Integrations in the sidebar menu.

2. Once you're there, you'll see various software categories and be able to locate Stripe under Payment integrations.

3. Click the pink 'Connect Stripe' button and follow the instructions to log in to your account

4. Once you're logged in (or if you're already logged in), you'll be sent back to a page which confirms that you've connected your account

Taking a payment

Note: A minimum of £1/$1 is required for the integration to process the payment successfully.

When you’re creating your document, simply choose the type of payment you want to take and it will automatically prompt your client to make the payment with their card the second they’ve signed. You can choose from:

  • Fixed amount

  • % of the one-off total

  • One-off total

  • One-off total plus the first month

This is how you get your clients to pay quickly

You control the message on the left and the amount. They pay with their card and it goes straight into your Stripe account.

You’ve been paid!

Once they pay they’ll see this page and you’ll get an email telling you they’ve paid.

Starting a Subscription

Once your client has paid, you can start a subscription for any ongoing fees you have agreed. Simply click on the approved document and on the right hand side click 'Start Subscription'.

You can put your client on any existing Stripe plan, choose when it starts and include necessary taxes. Confirm you're happy with the details and it's as simple as that.

It takes a matter of seconds to integrate your Stripe account and it’ll systemise your sales process entirely.

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