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Sending a test document

Sending a test proposal to yourself or a colleague to see how it looks

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Important note: The first document you send from the system during your trial will document you send going forwards - even if it's to yourself will count as a send. You can re-send for free once you've sent any document to yourself but the first send of any document after this one will deduct one from your monthly allowance. You can view more information on your sending allowance here.

Sending your test document

  1. In the left-hand sidebar, click New Document.

  2. If this is your first document, your own company name will be filled in for you, otherwise you can choose to send to an existing/new contact.

  3. Choose the sample cover or select 'Start from Scratch' if you want to create your own.

  4. Select a template if you have added any to your account or leave this as 'Start from Scratch without a template'

  5. Your financial settings will be pulled in here from your brand but you can edit the currency and tax settings.

  6. If you've integrated with Stripe, GoCardless or PayPal, you'll also see a block to fill in the details of the payment you want to take once the proposal is signed.

  7. Click 'Next' in the top right and you’ll now be able to edit the text on your cover. Edit it if you like by clicking on the text you want to edit, or just click the green ‘Next’ button in the top right.

  8. You’ll now be on your proposal page. You can add pages on the left and add content blocks using the green 'Add to this page' block. For more information on adding elements to your proposal, check out these articles:

9. Once you're done, click the green Next button in the top right.

10. If you’re on the Premium or Enterprise plan, you’ll have a chance to receive helpful advice from our revolutionary Proposal AI, an unprecedented feature that suggests how to improve your proposal to match the top proposal trends in the industry. After this quick review point and sorting any improvements on your proposal, click ‘Next’.

11. This is the last step – the sending page. You will see your details populated in the section that tells you who the proposal will come from. Type your details into the first name, surname and email boxes, type yourself a subject line and message in the box on the right and hit ‘Send Proposal’.

It’s the same process for any type of document, whether you’d like to send a proposal, quote, contract, brochure or any other document. Use our software to streamline your sales and document management, it will make your life easier. :)

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