1. Add an image in the text editor

Simply click into a block of text where you'd like the image to appear and hit 'Enter'. Use the insert image icon to browse for your image. 

Once it's displayed, you can click on the image to align it left, right or centre and wrap the text round it. Click here to learn more about using the editor.

2. Add a full width image to the page

Full width images span across the whole page of your proposal.
To upload an image, click the green 'Add to this Page' block on the right of the page.

Then select 'Full Width Image'.

You'll see a grey box appear in your proposal, which shows you the size the image will be (the height will change based on the proportions of the image you upload).

Use the 'Browse for Image' button to find the image on your computer and the image will upload and appear in your proposal. No resizing necessary, everything else will shift around to make way for it.

To replace a full width image, simply hover over it and click the little settings icon. This will open a sidebar where you can browse for your new image.

Using full width images as header images

If you are using these images as header images, then we recommend you make them much wider than they are tall with a minimum width of 1600px and a recommended height of 500px. That will look coolest. If you are going to put text over the top, bear in mind that when viewed on a phone, this image will be the width of the phone and might not be readable.

Other ways of using Full Width Images

It’s all fair game. Get as creative as you like. These full images are amazing for really displaying the detail of something. It’s worth while getting a good photographer in to help you get some lovely shots of your product, service, team, office, clients or work. It really will take your proposal from ‘interesting’ to ‘stunning’.

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