Adding colourful blocks to your proposals

To add a Feature Block to your proposal, click the green 'Add to this Page' block on the right of the page:

Then choose 'Feature Block':

This will add a coloured block to the page with some text on top. If the feature block is the only element added to the page, it will go full height which is great for making a feature out of a whole page.

Customising Your Blocks

If you hover over the block, you'll see a menu bar appear where you can click on the settings icon to open the edit sidebar. 

Here you can choose the background colour and text colour for your Feature Block. Choose from a range of expertly designed combinations, or pick your own.

Background Images on Feature Blocks

At the top of the sidebar, you'll see an upload button. Upload your image - try to make it as close to 2000px wide as possible.

From there you can add a coloured filter to your image by clicking any of the pre-set colours or choosing your own. Of course if you want to leave it with #NoFilter (sorry I had to), then click the white block with the red line through it.

The background will automatically adjust and resize itself to fit the content you put inside it.


You can also choose from a range of patterns to add a filter to your block, giving your proposals subtle hint of artistic flair.

Remember, Each Feature Block comes with its own text editor so you can just click on it and type. You can also upload images in the same way as the regular editor. To learn more about the editor, click here.

Try to use lots of feature blocks to break up text. It'll make your proposals look far more interesting.

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