Neat, simple tables for your pricing

To add a Pricing Table to your proposal, simply click the green 'Add to this Page' block on the right of the page.

Then choose 'Pricing Table'.

Adding items to your pricing table

You can add as many products as you like to your pricing table. Just click the 'Line items' button under where it says 'What would you like to add?' 

Then select your product from the drop down. If the item you want isn't in the list then you can click the link below to add it. Once you've done it, click the green 'Add Product' button and it'll load it into your pricing table.

Adding Section Titles

Having a massive list of products isn't ideal as it's daunting for your client and not easy to understand. For that reason you can now add Section Titles so you can break it up however you think makes most sense.

Rearranging items in your pricing table

Use the settings icon on the left to rearrange, remove items, make the product optional (so the client can select it) and add quantities. 

You can edit the descriptions and prices simply by clicking on them and typing.

The total amount at the bottom will automatically update as you add/remove/edit products including taxes if you set that up in Settings.

Selling in Quantities

If you want to sell multiples of a product you can easily do this by switching on quantities.

To do this, just click the little settings icon to the left of the product name and you'll see a toggle to make it an optional product and another one for quantities. Switch that on.

Now you've done that, under the price of that product you'll see 1 @ [your unit cost]. Now all you need to do is change 1 to however many they want and adjust the unit cost if needed, and it'll automatically update the price above it as well as the totals.

Note: We have allowed you to override the automatic price to allow for nice rounding. Say you end up with a price of £201.23. That looks weird. You'll naturally want to make that £200 so you can just change it by clicking on the subtotal for that product and editing it, just be aware that if you change the quantities afterwards, it'll re-total it for you.

Adding a Discount

To include a discount in your pricing table is really simple. Just add an item (perhaps call it Discount or Offer or whatever makes sense for you) and give it a minus figure as the price. This will automatically adjust the totals.

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