Once you are editing your proposal you can move any element around by using the control buttons to the left of each section.

Look closely at the control icons on the left:

Controls for Full Width Images and Feature Blocks

For Full Width Images and Feature Blocks you just need to hover over the block to see the controls:

Using the controls

If you want to move an element up, click the up arrow and it’ll instantly move up. If you want to move it down, click the down arrow and it’ll jump down a space. To delete an element, just press the delete button , confirm you want to delete it and press ‘Yes’. It’s gone. Once you’ve deleted an element, you can’t get it back.

Side note:

Any changes you make to a proposal between the time that you’ve sent it and it’s been signed will be seen by the client. Of course this means if you have a spelling mistake or need to make a quick edit after sending – you can without your recipient knowing.

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