Duplicating a Document

How to copy a proposal into template format

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There's currently no specific button to duplicate documents. You can either create it from scratch or from a template.

The good news is because you can save a document as a template, it's a very simple, two-step process.

Important note: Depending on your user permission settings, you may not see the "Save as Template" button. If you can't see it, contact your admin to do this for you or grant you the necessary permissions to do it yourself.

Step 1: Find the document you want to duplicate, click on it and hover over Options on the right. You should see 'Save as template':

Step 2: Click 'Save as template' then give it a name.

Step 3: Create a new document by clicking 'New Document' in the sidebar and when prompted to select a template, choose the one you've just saved.

Your new document will now be exactly the same as the original one. If you don't need that template anymore, you can freely delete it without it affecting the content of your new document.

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