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The information we track for you

When your proposals are opened by your recipients, our system tracks various things. This is partly to give you feedback on what the most popular parts of your proposal and partly for legal reasons to make up the Digital Signature Certificate for when they sign. Here's the information we track:

  • What date and time they open it

  • What pages they’ve looked at

  • The order they viewed them

  • The length of time they were on each page

  • If they forward the proposal and who they’ve forwarded it to

  • What pages they choose to download

  • Their IP address

None of this data is ever made public. It sits in a database, encrypted and only accessible by you.

To read the tracking for one of your proposals, you first need to navigate to that proposal’s information page. To do this, click ‘Proposals’ in the top bar. You’ll see a list of proposals, click the company name of the proposal you want to read the tracking for.

Click here to learn more about understanding the tracking.

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