To read the tracking for one of your proposals, you first need to navigate to that proposal’s information page. To do this, click ‘Proposals’ in the top bar. You’ll see a list of proposals, click the company name of the proposal you want to read the tracking for.

Once there, you’ll see a page that looks like this:

Proposal Analytics

This is a timeline of all the activity that has occurred with your proposal. Here you'll see when the proposal was created, sent, received, opened, read, printed, forwarded and signed.

It's all in chronological order with the latest activity at the top so you can always easily see the last thing that happened.

Reading the tracking

The tracking shows you the various dates and times that each recipient has read the proposal, the total time they spent on it and then it breaks down how long they spent on each page.

For example:

Which order did they look at the pages?

We display the pages in the order they were viewed from the top down. In this instance, Jim Brown looked at Introduction, then Case Study, then Specification and finally Sign Off.

The times

The times we display are in hours, minutes and seconds. You will be surprised at how much time people spend on the pages but it’s also amazing at how quickly people can scan a page for the information they are after.

Your proposal was downloaded

If someone has downloaded some pages, it’ll show up in the activity log as a separate instance and will list the pages they chose to download.

How to find out if they forwarded

This will tell you who forwarded the proposal and who they forwarded it to. You can only see the name of the new recipient, not their email address for data protection reasons.

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