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Editing and deleting templates
Editing and deleting templates

Tailor the template to your business or your next client

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To edit or delete your Templates, you need to click ‘Templates’ in the main sidebar.
To edit a Template, just click the little edit icon next to the Template you wish to edit. 

Editing the name of your Template, the Document Type, the Brand it's associated with and the Viewing mode.

To edit the name and brand of your template, just click the settings icon in the top right and a sidebar will appear for you to edit them.

Here you can edit each of these settings and click Save and Preview to confirm.

Editing your content

Editing is exactly the same as creating a Template. To edit any section, just click on it and it’ll load the content, to edit any content in that section, click on it. To add new content to a page, click the + icon located at the bottom of any block.

Once you’re done editing, click the blue ‘Save and Exit’ button in the top right and you’ll be back at your list of Templates.

Editing a template will not affect any documents that you’ve already created or sent to a client.

You view how to bulk-update the background colours of all content blocks with the same colour here.

Duplicate a template

You can use the 'Duplicate' button to create a copy of a Template. An exact replica copy template will be generated, which you simply need to rename before proceeding to edit the content.


You can delete any Template at any time. This will never affect any document you’ve already created or sent to a client.

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