How to find the Content Library

You can access your saved items under the Templates tab and by selecting 'Content Library' from the lower horizontal menu.

Saving content to your Content Library

To save content just open any proposal or template in edit mode. From there you're looking for the save icon. You'll find it in 2 different places depending on whether it's a piece of content that goes full width or not. Where to save each type of content can be found in the screenshots below. 

What content can you add to the Content Library

  • Text areas
  • Feature blocks
  • Videos
  • Full width images
  • Pages (this will save any text areas, feature blocks, videos and full width images on the page)

Saving Text Blocks and Videos

Text blocks and video blocks are content width so you'll find the little menu to the left of the top of each block. Look for the 3 dot icon highlighted in the image below. Click that and then you'll see the save icon. Just click that and give it a name.

Saving Feature Blocks and Full Width Images

Because these items are full width, you'll find the save button appear over the top of it if you hover over the top.

Saving Pages

You'll find the save icon on the page tab next to the delete and drag icons. Click this and name the page (this could be different to the actual page name).

Check out this article to learn how to add items from your Content Library into any Proposal or Template.

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