Whitelisting your domain can improve deliverability of the emails you send through Better Proposals, and helps to ensure your emails land in the correct mailbox for services like Gmail.

Adding the whitelist records doesn't affect the URL that your proposals load on. This is completely separate and can be a different domain if you choose. If you want to use a custom URL for your proposals, you can find instructions for that here.

IMPORTANT: You either need to know how to change the DNS of your domain or have a web support team who does. We can't whitelabel domains like yahoo.com or gmail.com, it has to be a business domain.

This is only available on our paid plans.

Here’s how you do it

1. Log in to your Better Proposals account and hover over your profile picture. Click ‘Settings’ on the drop down menu and then click 'Email Whitelisting' under the Admin category in the menu on the left hand side of the screen.

2. To add a domain, click the pink 'Whitelist a domain' button.

3. Identify your sending domain. This is the domain that you are sending from in Better Proposals. So if your login is john@xyzcompany.com then your sending domain is xyzcompany.com. It should be pre-filled in the box for you.

4. Click 'Whitelist Domain' which will take you to a new page and give you 3 CNAME records to add to your domain's DNS settings.

5. Add the 3 records and then click 'Verify Domain' underneath.
6. Bear in mind that it can take 24-48 hrs for DNS changes to take effect so the verification might not be instant. If the records fail verification the first time, get in touch with your domain provider to double check that they are set up correctly and then come back in to re-verify.

If you're not sure how to add CNAME records for your specific DNS provider, check out this guide for some of the most commonly used systems.

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