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Our hints and tips for thank you messages once documents are signed

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How to change the thank you message when your documents are signed

To change the ‘Thank you’ message your new client will see once they’ve signed your document, simply click 'Settings' in the sidebar menu.

Once you're in the Settings section, choose the brand you wish to edit under ‘Branding’ category of settings and go to the ‘Thank you’ tab.

You’ll be able to edit the thanks message for your brand. This is an example of how it'll look for your client:

Some tips for your thank you message:

You can type whatever you like here but we suggest something that will explain the next steps of the sale. They’ve just digitally signed your document so this is a crucial time to make contact quickly - don't leave your client waiting.

  • Are they going to receive a call?

  • Are they going to be contacted by a different member of your team?

  • Does a meeting now need to be arranged?

  • Do they need to be invoiced?

  • Do you need to collect some information somehow?

Final thoughts

If you need to collect information from them, you can put a link in the ‘Thank you message’ linking them to Survey Monkey, Wuffoo forms or Google Forms (or something similar).

Also, consider your customer, they’ve just signed up and should be excited to start. Maybe now is a great time to give them some reassurance, perhaps by way of a case study or a testimonial?  

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