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Notifications from Better Proposals
Notifications from Better Proposals

What notifications do you want to receive?

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As a Better Proposals user, you’ll get notified inside the system as well as by email when certain things happen. 

They are:

  • Every time someone opens your document

  • When your document is forwarded

  • When your document is downloaded

  • When your document is signed

  • When a payment is made

Dashboard notifications

To access your notifications inside the system, you can click 'Notifications' at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar.

Once you click Notifications, a sub-menu will appear that'll show you your most recent notifications. Clicking any of these notifications will take you straight to the tracking/activity page related to your document.

Changing email notifications

You can change which email notifications you receive under the 'Profile' section at the bottom of the sidebar.

You can turn each of these on/off except for when a document is signed since we assume you'd always want to know that!

To learn more about the information that is tracked, click here.

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