Absolutely, yes we do!  

The most valuable way to win business (and our favourite way) is by personal recommendation, so if you love Better Proposals and want to tell others about your great experience of the product then we'd only be too pleased to do our bit to say thank you. 

We have a very simple referral scheme. If you refer Better Proposals to someone and they take up a paid plan, two things happen:

  1. They get their first month free. We make this clear that this is a gift from you.

  2. We pay you 100% of their second month to your PayPal account directly (even if you're already a customer with us).

There's no recurring fees, you simply get paid whatever they pay in their second month. So if they start out on the Starter plan at $19 then upgrade to Enterprise on $129 in the second month, you'll get $129 sent straight to your PayPal account.

How to refer people

All you need is your unique link which you can find by hovering over your profile picture in the top right corner of your Dashboard and clicking ‘Settings’ in the drop down menu.

You have quick sharing links to share to Facebook or Twitter as well as a link you can use any way you like.

If you'd like to do a specific promotion, become a partner, interview Adam or do something different, get in touch using the chat icon in the bottom right and we'll arrange something.

Becoming a partner

We do have a Partner programme for professional affiliates or influencers with courses and communities. Partnering with Better Proposals gives you a lot of co-marketing opportunities, alongside regular, recurring affiliate commission. You can find out more or apply at the given links.

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