Upgrading your account

To upgrade your account, just hover over your profile picture and click 'Upgrade'. You will be able to find your upgrading options in Settings as well, under the Admin category, or when you are prompted in the system by doing something your current package doesn’t allow.

If you are a UK business, you’ll be taken through to GoCardless where you can set up your Direct Debit. If you are business based in Europe or the US then you’ll be asked to fill in your card details via Stripe to set up your subscription payment.

If you are having trouble upgrading, remember we’re here to help, so just get in touch if you have any questions.

Downgrading your account

If you'd like to downgrade your account to one of the lower plans, simply email through to support@betterproposals.io or jump on our live chat and we'll facilitate this for you. 

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