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Using Better Proposals templates vs designing documents
Using Better Proposals templates vs designing documents

Our document templates are ready to go, or design your own

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Better Proposals has a well stocked library of professionally written and designed documents that you can take your pick from. 

To browse the Template Marketplace, just click 'Go to the marketplace' in the top right corner under the 'Templates' tab.

We've taken care to ensure there is something there for a cross-section of industries, and whilst every template is ready to go, they are also 100% customisable.  This means you can simply change the text to suit your client, or play around with editing images, colours, sections - whatever you like.

Of course this doesn't mean you have to use a template.  

You can create your own entirely from scratch with our easy to use Editor, or alternatively speak to us if you would like one of our designers create something bespoke for you. 

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