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Sending Documents from your own email client
Sending Documents from your own email client

Send your document link in a regular email

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Documents will arrive into your recipients' inbox from the email address that you use to log in to Better Proposals. 

It's always a good idea to whitelist your sending domain to near-guarantee inbox delivery. You can find out how to whitelist your sending domain here.

If you prefer to send your client a link to the document from your own email account (such as Microsoft Outlook or Gmail):

Step 1. Send the document first to yourself using your client's name, but your email address. This is so when they open it you get a notification that your client opened it rather than you.

Step 2. Under the 'Documents' tab, locate the document you are interested in and click on it, taking you to the Document Analytics section. Hover over 're-send' and copy the link in the text box. 

Step 3.  Write your email in your account as you normally would, then paste in the link to direct your client to the Document. 

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