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Editing a Document after it is sent
Editing a Document after it is sent

Changing proposals after sending

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Once a document is sent, it can be edited right up to the time that it is signed, because it is a live document.  

This is extremely convenient if you send a document over and your client requests changes or you spot a mistake.  Any edits can be done in real time and the updates immediately seen by your client on the other end.

To edit a sent proposal, click 'Documents' in the sidebar.

Then locate the document that you are interested in. As long as its status is 'Opened' and not 'Accepted', it can be edited.

To edit, click the proposal to open it. The first option that you will see is 'Edit proposal' and here you can edit the Setup, Cover or Content of your proposal. 

A word of warning - once a document is signed electronically and accepted, it is locked down and no further changes can be made

Editing the document after signing requires a new proposal to be created and sent. 

It's quite handy to know that if you spot a typo or error, as long as you correct it before the proposal is opened  - your client will never know! 

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