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Online and PDF version differences
Online and PDF version differences

Why you might spot small discrepancies between the online proposal and the PDF version

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Yes, we admit that when you generate a PDF version of a proposal, you might notice some small differences between the two. 

In a nutshell, the reason for this is that the two are very different formats. We have worked hard to ensure that a pdf generated from a proposal will always look as good as possible, and we believe that our current settings strike the best balance between preserving the layout of both PDFs and proposals.

We have explained our decision making in full around PDF versions of proposals in this blog post named 'Rethinking Paper'.

Did you know? 

In the 2019 Proposal Report, it shows that if your proposal is saved/printed then you have a 78% less chance of converting the deal.  Have a read and discover why we tend to steer clients away from using PDF format when considering proposals.

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