How it is right now

As it is right now, your recipients are directed to
It looks like this in the address bar:

If you’re going for the 100% branded look (which you should), then you’ll want to change that ‘’ part. 

The usual setup for this which involves uploading PHP files to your server isn't compatible with services such as Squarespace and Wix so you’ll have to go the alternative route - point a subdomain to our server and we will host the files for you.

For us to host the files, you need to make some DNS changes at domain level. If that's not something you're familiar with then it's best to ask your web developer or even the domain provider's support team.
All you need to do is create an A record for the subdomain 'proposal' (this is often called the name or host of the record), and point this to the IP address (often labelled as 'points to' or 'address').

Once this is done, send an email through to with the full subdomain that you are using (e.g. so that we can get it set up on your account for you.

This option is available at no extra cost on our Premium and Enterprise paid plans. This is not available as part of the free trial or on our Starter plan.

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