Integrating Teamwork

Connect your Teamwork account and create projects directly from a document

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Connecting your Account

  1. To access Integration settings, just click Settings > Integrations in the sidebar menu. 

2. Once you're there, you'll see various software categories and be able to locate Teamwork under Project management tools.

3. Click the pink 'Connect Teamwork' button. This will show you some fields that you need to fill in - your API token and Account URL.

4. You'll need to open Teamwork in a new tab and log in to your account.

5. Find your API token by clicking on your avatar in the top right then 'Edit My Details'. Click 'API & Mobile' and then 'Show your Token'.

6. Find your Account URL by clicking on your avatar in the top right then 'Settings'. You'll find 'Site Address' under general settings.

7. Paste the details in and click the green button.

8. You'll then see a page that looks like this which confirms that you've connected your account.

Creating a project

Simply click on the document you want to create a project for and click the 'create project' button on the right hand side. 

In the sidebar that opens, give your project a name and click 'Create Project'. 

Once the project has been created, the button will change to say 'view project' so you can access the project directly from this page any time you need.

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