Connecting your Account

To connect your Wrike account:

  1. Click the settings icon in the top right and then click 'Integrations'.

  2. Choose projects and then 'Wrike'.

  3. Click the green 'Connect Wrike' button and follow the instructions to log in to your account

  4. Once you're logged in (or if you're already logged in), you'll be sent back to a page that looks like this which confirms that you've connected your account.

Creating a project

Simply click on the proposal you want to create a project for and click the 'create project' button on the right hand side. 

In the sidebar that opens, give your project a name and click 'Create Project'. 

Once the project has been created, the button will change to say 'view project' so you can access the project directly from this page any time you need.

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