Changing Fonts

Set up the fonts, weights, colors size and spacing that best reflects your brand.

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Unlike writing in Microsoft Word where you can change fonts per word, in Better Proposals you set your fonts up once and it applies to all your documents. This means no formatting is required on your part whatsoever.
To access your font settings, firstly click ‘Settings’ in the sidebar.

Once you’re there, Click 'Setup' > ‘Branding’ and select the Brand you'd like to edit.

Once you've selected your brand, you'll be taken to your brand settings, select the 'Fonts' tab and you'll see this:

Options for people with no design experience at all or seasoned professionals

If you're not a designer and would rather just choose from a pre-set that guarantees your documents look incredible then use the drop down box to choose one of the 8 pre-sets our expert design team have come up with.

If you want to create your own font pairing or tweak one of the pre-sets then all you need to do is select one from the drop down and click on any of the elements in the preview:

  • H1

  • H2

  • H3

  • Body copy

  • Blockquote  

Customising the pre-sets to make your own

You'll then see on the right a set of options appear and you can change the following:

  • The font itself - choose between Google Fonts (all plans), Adobe Fonts (Premium and Enterprise) and your own Custom Fonts (Enterprise only).

  • The weight

  • Size - choose between preset font sizes which work on all devices

  • Line height (spacing between lines of text)

You can preview your changes as you go by clicking 'Preview' under the settings pane on the right. It'll then save your changes as 'Custom'. Any changes you make will continually overwrite this setting.

Once you're happy then click 'Save and Go Live' at the bottom. Once you've done that all your documents will now have this new font setting. 

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