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Giving access to certain parts of Better Proposals to certain users

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You might not want every team member to access every part of Better Proposals. With User Permissions you can choose who can do and access what. 

Access User Permissions by going to Settings.

From there, just find ‘Permissions’ under ‘Users and Teams’ category.

From there you'll see a block for every user in your account (if you have Teams set up then you'll be able to filter by team);

Simply tick on/off the things you want each user to be able to do and hit 'Save' when you're done. Here's a look at what each permission means:

  • Admin - admin users can do everything, including set up integrations and brands, as well as manage users and permissions.

  • Access to Documents- you can give users access to the whole account or only their own proposals. If you have Teams set up you'll have an additional option to allow them to see their team's proposals.

  • Send Documents - allows the user to edit but not send Documents. This is great when there is an approval process in place or perhaps you have an assistant who writes on your behalf.

  • Edit Templates - unticking this will mean that the user can preview but not edit any Templates or items in the Content Library.

  • View Reports - you can allow each user access to run a report and set which level they can view. This can be a whole company report, only their own data or the ability to run a report for their team.

  • Use the Marketplace - unticking this will mean that the user can preview but not select any Templates from the Template Marketplace. 

  • Upgrade Account - allows the user to upgrade the account if met with an upgrade page. If they do not have this permission enabled, they will see a message to get in touch with the account owner.

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