Integrating Agile CRM with Better Proposals allows you to quickly and easily search for a contact in your CRM account when you're filling in who your proposal is for. This means that you don't have to remember every client's details off the top of your head.

Connecting your Account (Video Walkthrough)

Connecting your Account

To connect your Agile CRM account:

1. To access Integration settings, just hover over your profile picture in the top right corner of your Dashboard and click 'Integrations' in the drop down menu.

2. Once you're there, you'll see various software categories and be able to locate Agile under CRM integrations.

3. Click the pink 'Connect Agile' button and follow the instructions on the page to log in to your account and get the necessary information.

4. Once you've filled that in and hit the green button, you'll see this page that confirms it is connected.

How the Agile integration works (Video Walkthrough)

Searching your Account

Once your account is connected, when you create a new proposal, you will see a new third option to send to 'Someone from my CRM'.

When you click this, you'll see a search box. Simply type part of or the whole name of the company you're looking for and hit the 'Search' button. Bear in mind that the search can only look through company records and will only find those that have at least one contact assigned with an email address.

Choose the company you're after in the results and then tick the relevant contacts that you'd like this to be sent to (don't worry, you can edit this later).

Click 'Continue' and finish filling in the rest of the details of your proposal as normal.

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