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Receive tips for proposal improvements from the system itself

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Our document checker looks at real live data in your industry and makes suggested changes to give you the highest conversion rate possible.

When you have finished editing your proposal, and you click 'Next' in the top right, you'll be taken through the Document checker before you come to send your proposal.

You'll see 3 blocks made up of targeted suggestions or even a pat on the back if you already got something right. You'll have the opportunity to go back and improve your proposal before sending it.


Can I opt out?

In Settings > Document checker you can simply opt out. It does mean you can't use it yourself but it's entirely optional.

Does it "read" my content and share it with my competitors?

No, absolutely not.
There are only a few markers it checks for which are compared against others in your industry, others are simple best practices.

For instance, using "I", "we", "us" lots in your proposal introduction - we know it's important to talk about your client here not yourself so it'll give you a gentle reminder to consider replacing them with "you" and "your". That's as close as the Document checker comes to "reading" your content and it's not shared with anyone else or used in any way except to suggest an improvement to you and you only.

What the Document checker looks at the most are the statistics and technical practices, such as the number of pages of high-converting proposals in e.g. marketing industry, which category of integrations you’ve used alongside your proposal (for instance, did you have live chat software connected to receive instant client feedback and close the deal faster), brand customisation (have you set up the custom domain for fully branded look), etc. These kinds of markers can’t endanger your data and business information in any way.

I don't want my competition copying my proposals

They can't. It won't show you what your competitors are doing and it won't show your competitors what you're doing. It's aggregated data across millions of proposals so you're looking at incredibly broad averages here which make up best practices.

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