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Editing the Proposal Value on your Dashboard
Editing the Proposal Value on your Dashboard

How to change the value of a proposal so your pipeline is accurate

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The value of your proposal is pulled from the data in the pricing table inside your proposal.

This will be displayed on your dashboard and will be accounted for in your pipeline.

There may be situations where you do not wish to use our pricing table but still want to make sure your reporting and pipeline is accurate.

In these scenarios, you simply need to go to the pricing table (or re-add it if you have already removed it by clicking + icon and clicking Pricing Block) and add/edit your products to make sure the value is correct.

You can then hide the pricing table by clicking the Settings icon in the top right of the pricing block and when the sidebar appears, set the pricing table to "Hide" and click Save and Preview. It will remain there but greyed out unless you hover over it. When you preview the proposal, it will not be visible.

If you wish to remove the value completely and set it to 0, you will need to make sure your pricing table is completely empty before hiding it.

We certainly do advise using our pricing tables inside Better Proposals as it makes it far easier to take payments, allows you to add optional/choice items and it's designed to be clear so your clients don't have a confusing buying experience.

If you feel your pricing doesn't work with our pricing tables, drop us an email or start a live chat with your pricing scenario and we may be able to provide a solution you might not have thought of to make things work for you.

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