Creating multiple brands in your account

How to duplicate or create new Brands in your account

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Creating additional brands allows ultimate flexibility, allowing you to send different document types, in different languages, with different tax rules for example. It can also be as simple as using a different logo. They allow you to send documents to different types of clients without having to jump into your brand settings and make changes every single time.

Duplicating an existing Brand

To duplicate an existing brand, click Settings > Setup and then click your current brand in the sidebar.

Then click Duplicate at the bottom of that page, a popup will ask you to confirm, you can click "Yes Duplicate".

A duplicate brand will be created and (Copy) will be added to the end of the brand name so you can tell which one is the duplicate. Now you can go through and tweak the settings for this brand such as the:

Name and Language


Email Appearance

Document Fonts


Thank You Message


Custom URL

PDF Setup

If you need a quick refresh as how to edit your brand settings, you can view our Brand Setup article by clicking here

Creating a new Brand from scratch

To create a new brand from scratch, click Settings > Setup > Branding and then click "Create new brand" in the top right.

Edit your brand settings as shown above and that's it, you're good to go!

Going forward, when you're in the setup page of your documents, you'll notice the drop down menu has your multiple brands listed and you can select the brand you want to associate the document to.

If your additional brand has a different logo, you'll also want to set up a new Cover Template to make sure there's brand consistency throughout your document. You can view how to do this by clicking here.

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