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Adding content from the Content Library
Adding content from the Content Library

How to add content and pages from the Content Library to your Proposals and Templates

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You can add 3 types of content to your proposals/templates from the content library:

  • Blocks (Content blocks, Full width images, Videos)

  • Sections

  • Pricing tables

Each element has it's own library so you need to make sure you're searching in the right place to be able to import the item you want.

Adding a block from the Content Library

Whenever you're editing a Proposal or a Template, just click the + icon located at the bottom of any block.

Once the menu has loaded, click the 'Content Library' tab highlighted in the video below.

This will bring up a search field on the right hand side which will show you 3 of your most recently saved content and allow you to search for any of your previously saved content. If you're not sure what you called a full with image for instance, you can just type 'image' for example and that'll narrow it down for you.

Once you've found the piece of content you want to add, just click on the “Add Block” button and it’ll slot it exactly where you clicked the + icon originally.

Adding a Section from the Content Library

Click the + icon located underneath your sections on the left hand side and then click Content Library.

This will open a similar sidebar but this time it will only contain pages that have been saved to the Content Library. It works in exactly the same way. You simply click "Add page" page that you want to add and it will add this as a new page to your Proposal or Template.

Adding a Pricing table from the Content Library

Click the + underneath your pricing table and then select 'Content Library', a sidebar will popup and you can select your saved pricing table and it to the section you are editing.

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