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Restoring deleted content or pricing tables
Restoring deleted content or pricing tables

Recovering blocks or pricing tables that have been deleted in error

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When working on proposals, it's not unheard of to bin something by accident. Fear not, any deleted blocks can quickly be restored with the Better Proposals recycle bin.

Recovering deleted blocks

When you’re in the editor, just click the + icon located at the bottom of any block, then click Restore a deleted item.

Click the 'Restore' button and your deleted material will appear back in your proposal in the space you clicked the + icon originally.

Recovering pricing tables

If you've deleted a pricing table by mistake, you can also recover this table with just a couple of clicks.

To recover a deleted pricing table, just click the + icon located underneath your pricing table and click 'Restore a deleted pricing table'. A sidebar will appear and you can click 'Restore' on the pricing table you'd like to insert back into your proposal/template.

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