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Adding content and individual pages from separate templates into a master copy

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In Better Proposals it is simple to mix and match different parts of templates, so you can cherry pick from saved elements in the Content Library and add to your own proposals.

Each individual page, video, image or whole content block can be saved to your own Content Library - a little bit like a favourites list. You can then browse this content when formatting your own proposals and quickly pull it through.

In this way, you could merge half of one proposal template with half of another - it's completely up to you!

To add an individual page to a proposal

Step 1. Saving pages can be done hovering over the page you want to save and click the little settings cog to bring up the sidebar, then click "Save this section to the Content Library" Give it a memorable name and save the page to your content library. This will not rename the page - it's just a reference you give it to find it.

Step 2. To insert the page from the content library, simply click 'Add a page from your Library' found below the 'Add a Blank Page' button at the bottom right hand side of the Proposal Editor.

Find your page via the description you gave it and insert.

You should see that page now inserted into the proposal template that you are working on:

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