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Creating a cover

Add a beautifully designed cover to your proposals

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Covers make your proposal look incredible. Here's how to use them

To create a cover, first click 'Templates' in the sidebar and then click 'Covers’ in the menu. Once you're there, click the 'Create New Cover' button in the top right.

Naming your cover

Firstly, you’ll give your cover a name – make this something memorable. Your company name might not be the best description here. It’s likely you’ll create different covers for different types of proposals later on down the line.

Designing your cover

Covers are minimalistic and have few elements:

  • Your logo

  • Headline

  • Sub header

  • Background

  • Button

Changing your logo

To change your logo, simply click on it and you’ll see a sidebar appear. It’s recommended that you use a transparent PNG file with a minimum with of 400px. We’ll do the resizing but make sure the background is transparent. Generally speaking, having your logo all in white looks best.

You don’t want anything that looks like this:

This looks much better (even if it’s not how you typically display your logo):

Removing your logo

Sometimes you might want to remove the logo from the cover and do something creative with the background image. You can't completely remove the logo but you can make it invisible.

All you need to do is download this image and simply replace your existing logo with this transparent graphic and it'll vanish.

Download blank image
(Right click 'Save as')

Editing your headline and sub-headline

It doesn’t get much simpler, just click, change what it says, and click off. If it looks right, then great. It’s completely up to you how you use this, but we find getting the potential client’s company name in the headline and writing something like

“Written by ______ for ______” is a nice touch.

If you want to change the colour of the text, click the Cover Settings tab on the right and you’ll see a colour picker.


You will also see a dropdown for alignment which allows you to align everything left or center.


You can either use a background colour, image or video. We think images and videos look awesome but you can use solid colours too.

To upload a background image/video or choose a colour, click the 'Cover Settings' tab on the right. You’ll see a "Select image or video source section", here is where you can choose between our Unsplash or Pexels integrations, upload your own image, or paste a link from Youtube or Vimeo.

Or use the colour picker for a solid colour. For the best quality, try and use an image that’s roughly a regular landscape image that’s at least 1600px wide by at least 1100px high.

Try to avoid any image/video with text on it or client logos. It just gets in the way of the text that’s on top of it.

Doing more with your background image

Add a coloured filter by clicking Cover Settings and clicking/selecting your colour. It'll then put an overlay across your background image. You might want to tinker with your text colour to make sure it stands out.

If you want to add a little animation to your cover then toggle animation on and it'll add a nice subtle zoom and text animation to your covers. Nothing over the top, just a classy little lift.

When you're done, click 'Save and Close'.

The Button

To change anything relating to the button, just click on it and a new sidebar will appear.

You can choose between 6 styles of buttons and you can change the colour of both the button and the text.

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