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Exporting proposals to PDF format or print
Exporting proposals to PDF format or print

How to download your proposal/document as a PDF

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To export your document to PDF format, it must have been sent, even if it's just to yourself.

Once sent, click into 'Documents' where you can view the progress of all Outstanding Documents. Locate the proposal you want to print.

Once the proposal has been sent, click on to that proposal and you will see four icons - the third one is 'Preview Proposal'.

If your proposal has a cover, click through to the main proposal. At the bottom of your proposal, you'll see a little toolbar, click the PDF icon and you'll be taken to the PDF export of your proposal.

Editing which version of the PDF can be downloaded

If you go to Settings > Setup > Branding > PDF, you'll see you have a few different PDF options available to you, the Color version and the Black and White Version.

You can turn on both to give yourself and your client the option, select the version you prefer or de-select them both which will mean your clients won't have the option of downloading the PDF at all.

Exploring the PDF versions

Note: The PDF is designed slightly differently to accommodate print. The format should be mostly preserved, but you may notice some differences between the online and PDF versions. This is because you're taking the fluid content of a webpage that can be as big as it needs to be, and trying to fit it into the paged format of a PDF.

The Color version has two variations:

Color - Standard mode:

Color - Presentation mode:

(One block per page)

Then you have the Black and White mode:

Turn the PDF on/off

You can decide whether your client is able to download the PDF version of your proposals. If you switch this off, you will still be able to download it from the proposal preview yourself.

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