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Integrating Olark Live chat
Integrating Olark Live chat

Getting your Olark live chat setup and activated inside your account

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Integrating your live chat software so that chat boxes appear on your documents could be one of the easiest ways to increase your conversions in the history of sales. Fortunately, it's super easy to set it up.

Finding your live chat code inside Olark

Firstly, login to your Olark account and on the left hand side, click Settings > Installation > Get embed code - you'll be presented with this screen:

Click "Copy to clipboard" and that's the first part done.

Installing the Olark live chat integration using your embed code

When inside your Better Proposals account, from your dashboard click Settings > Integrations > Live chat > Olark.

Click "Start Integrating Olark" and a box will appear where you can paste your embed code you copied to your clipboard earlier. Paste that in the box and click "Integrate Olark" and it should update and say "Connected".

That's it, preview any of your documents and you'll see the chat icon in the bottom right of your document just like in the example below.

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