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Everywhere you can use Merge tags
Everywhere you can use Merge tags

Save time by adding Merge tags in every step of your proposal workflow

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In order to maximise the use of merge tags, you want to place them in as many process or workflow points as possible. You can use merge tags in any of the following places:

  • The email to the client

  • The cover

  • The proposal

  • A template

  • A cover template

  • The 'thank you' page and email

  • The 'make a payment' page

Note: This works for both system and custom merge tags.

The Proposal Email to your client

If you go to Settings > Branding > Email, you can edit the default email that goes out with your proposal, here is certainly where you can utilise the {{first_name}} merge tag for your client. You can copy and paste the tags from this article here.

Your Cover

Below is an example of a cover that's taken advantage of 3 merge tags, it'll pull the company name in the main title and pull in your name (the sender) and your clients name all automatically without you having to lift a finger. Not only does this rapidly speed up your ability to get these proposals out fast, these small details of tailoring the proposal to who you're sending it to ads to the whole experience.

To edit a cover template, simply click Templates > Covers and click edit on the cover you want to it. If you'd like to edit an existing cover that's already been assigned to a proposal, you can click on your proposal and click Edit > Edit Cover.

Proposals & Templates

When using the proposal editor, there’s a keyboard shortcut to access these merge tags - simply type two “{{“ and the merge tags will appear for you to select the one you want to use.

For those of you with long T's and C's, merge tags are a must so make sure you've got those tags inserted where you need them so you never have to type a company name more than once ever again.

Thank you messages

If you go to Settings > Branding > Thank you, you can edit the default message and email your client will see once they have signed your proposal. You're thanking someone for doing business with you so it's another nice opportunity to thank them by their name.

Payment Page

Similar with the Thank You messages, go to Settings > Branding > Payments and get your merge tags inserted for your clients name.

Once you've got your merge tags in all these areas, you'll never have to type this information more than once ever again. Also, once the tags are placed, you never need to touch them, they'll keep working and working forever :)

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