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Table of contents for new sidebar
Table of contents for new sidebar

Everything you need to know about what's changed with the new update.

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Welcome to our cheat-sheet of sorts to help ease the transition of our new update to the way you navigate the Better Proposals system.

What's changed and where has everything moved to?

If you're here for a generic overview of what's changed and where it's moved to, feel free to scroll through this article at your own leisure. If there's something specific you're trying to find and want to know where it is, just click the relevant category from the list below and it'll take you straight to where you need to go.


Here's how it was before with the navigation at the top:

Here's how it looks now with the new Sidebar:

Every function is now achieved through this sidebar, some elements will have sub-menus once you click on them to make it much quicker and easier to get to where you want to go.


Before, you would have clicked 'Proposals' up the top to get to your proposals:

Now, you'll click 'Documents' which will bring up a smaller menu underneath, then you'll click 'All Documents'.

This will take you to the same page as before where you'll have your Drafts, Pending (Enterprise only), Outstanding, Accepted and Lost.

Creating a New Proposal

Previously, you would click the + icon in the top right or 'Create New Proposal' in the top right of the Proposals section.

Now, you just click Documents > Create new Document, the create new document button is in the sidebar, as well as its original position in the top right of the Documents section.


Templates were here before up the top:

They're now in the sidebar underneath Documents.

As you'll see when you click 'Templates' a sub-menu will drop down giving you the other options available to you such as:

  • All Templates

  • Covers

  • Content Library

  • Marketplace


Reports were here:

They can now be found in the sidebar here:

Profile Settings

Accessing your Profile settings used be done by hovering over your profile in the top right and clicking 'My Account'

Now we've moved the profile to the lower left hand side. Click 'Profile' and a new sub-menu will appear to give you a few more options such as:

  • My Stuff

  • Help

  • Learning Centre

  • Logout

Click 'My Stuff' and you'll be presented with your profile settings which includes:

  • Change my name and Email

  • Change password

  • Email Signature

  • Email Notifications

Account Settings

Accessing your account Settings used to be here:

Now it can be found by clicking the Settings cog in the sidebar and then click 'Account Details'


Accessing integrations before involved clicking Settings once you've hovered over your profile in the top right and then clicking Integrations on the left hand side.

Now, this is all done in the Sidebar by clicking the Settings Icon, then click 'Integrations' and you'll see another sub-menu drop down to show you all the integration categories.

Template Marketplace

before you'd click Templates up the top and then click Template Marketplace on the top right hand side.

Now you can access the Template Marketplace by clicking Templates on the left hand side and then click 'Marketplace'.


Beforehand, Settings were located in the profile section by hovering over your profile picture and clicking 'Settings'

Now you can simply click 'Settings' in the sidebar...

Then you'll be presented with a following option in the sub-menu:

  • Users and Teams

  • Admin

  • Account

  • Branding

  • Integrations

Adding a new User

In terms of adding a new user, this used to be done by going to Settings > Users > Add new user in the top right.

To do this now, the instructions are still the same, it's just getting there is a little different visually.

So firstly, you'd click Settings on the left hand sidebar:

Then click 'Users and Teams' and in the Sub-menu, click 'Users'

Then it's the same as before by clicking 'Add new user' in the top right.

Learning Centre

Accessing the Learning Centre previously involved hovering over your profile picture in the top right and clicking 'Learning Centre'

Now, you can click 'Profile' in the lower left hand side of the sidebar and in the submenu, click Learning Centre.


Accessing the 'Help' section previously involved hovering over your profile picture in the top right and clicking 'Help'.

Now, you can click the 'Help' button in the lower left of the new sidebar


Logging out of your account was previously achieved by hovering over your profile picture in the top right and clicking 'Logout'.

Now, you can click 'Profile' in the lower left hand side of the sidebar and in the submenu, click 'Logout'.

Hope you enjoy the new Sidebar and Document Types, we hope this will improve the ease in which you can navigate Better Proposals and provide more clarity as to the different document types you can send.

As always, if you notice anything that doesn't look right or not working correctly, please do let us know and we'll get this sorted as soon as we can :) Enjoy!

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