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Locking Sections or Blocks so they cannot be edited
Locking Sections or Blocks so they cannot be edited

How to lock blocks so that they can't be edited by users without permission

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Note: This is an Enterprise-only feature so if you want to gain access to this functionality, you'll need to upgrade to our Enterprise plan.

Setting up user permissions for locking content.

To access user permissions, go to Settings > Users & Teams > Permissions.

You can set up the lockable permissions in 3 scenarios:

  • The user can lock + can edit

  • The user can't lock + can edit

  • The user can't lock + can't edit

So in the example below, if you wanted to make sure a user wasn't able to lock content or edit it, you'd de-select the 'Lock Content' checkbox and de-select the 'Edit locked content' checkbox.

Locking blocks in the Template Editor

You can lock any type of block inside the editor such as:

  • Content blocks

  • Pricing blocks

  • Video blocks

  • Image blocks

  • Digital signature blocks

Providing you have the appropriate permissions enabled to lock blocks, you can do so by going into the template editor and hovering over any block you want to lock.

Let's take a regular Content block as an example. When the editor toolbar appears, click the Settings icon and in the sidebar that pops up, go to the Content and Layout tab and you'll see a checkbox for locking that particular block.

Turn that on, click Save and Preview and any user that doesn't have the ability to edit locked content won't be able to do so.

When a user's permissions are set so they can't edit a block, they'll see a padlock in the top left of any block they won't be able to edit (shown below), they won't be able to access the toolbar that usually appears when you hover or edit any text or elements inside that block.

Any locked blocks inside templates will carry over for any documents created from a template.

Locking Sections (pages) inside the Editor

When locking specific blocks isn't enough, you can lock full-blown sections. You might want to lock down that all-important Terms and Conditions section that's made up of multiple blocks for example.

Follow the same process for locking a normal block by accessing the settings sidebar - to do this, hover over the section you want to lock on the left-hand side and click the Settings icon. Once the Setting sidebar appears on the right, you can click the Lock this content checkbox and save.

When a user without locked editing permissions accesses a template or document with a locked section, they will see the padlock in the sidebar next to the section they cannot edit.

This means they won't be able to edit, move or delete that section, and every block within that section will also be locked.

Locking Sections and Blocks inside the Content Library

You can also lock any sections or blocks inside the Content library, just go to Settings > Templates > Content Library and click Edit on the element you want to lock. You can then follow the same process above depending on if you're locking a Block or a Section and that content will be pre-locked whenever it's imported using the content library.

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