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How to use and add different document types within Better Proposals

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If you use Better Proposals to send multiple types of documents such as Quotes, Statements of Work, Proposals Sign-offs, or Contracts for example, then you absolutely need to be using Document types to make your life a whole lot easier.

Using Document types will allow you the following benefits:

  • Split the different documents you send up into their own document type, especially useful when you send multiple types of documents to the same client.

  • Allows you to filter the document search by doc-type.

  • Each doc-type has its own label so you'll be able to clearly see at-a-glance what document is associated with what doc-type very easily.

  • Use our pre-made doc-types or create your own.

  • Assign doc-types to your templates so that when you create Documents from a specific template, it'll apply that default doc-type to the setup of your document.

Viewing/adding/editing your own Document types

Just go to Settings > Admin > Document Types and you'll see a list of the default document types already added to the system for you to use. Here you'll see a nice breakdown of how many Documents and Templates are using that specific doc-type and a quick link to view any outstanding documents of that doc-type by clicking 'View Documents'.

To create a new Document type, just click the 'Create document type' button and you'll be able to assign a name to that new doc-type as well as a unique color for the label so it's easily recognizable for you and your team.

Filtering the search by Document type

Once you've got in the swing of splitting up your documents into their respective types, you'll find it much easier to locate a specific document by filtering the search by doc-type. To do this, just go to Documents in to the right of the search field, you'll see a filter that is set to 'All document types' by default. By clicking that filter, a drop-down menu will appear and you can filter your current list by document type.

Assigning a document type to a template

To speed up your document-creation process, you can assign your doc-types to your templates. To do this, open the template editor of the template you want to assign a doc-type to, click the Settings icon in the top right, and in the sidebar that appears, you can select the doc-type from the dropdown menu and click 'Save and Preview'.

Once you've done that, creating a new document from that template, you will see the default doc-type is already assigned when creating your document.

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