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Organizing your Templates and Content library using Folders
Organizing your Templates and Content library using Folders
Catalogue your templates and content library elements into folders to optimise your document creation process.
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Using folders for your templates and content library elements will allow you to keep everything organized and make it super-easy to locate what you need as quickly as possible. The instructions below for using folders can be applied in the exact same way on both Templates and the Content library.

To organize your templates, you'll need to turn on the 'Sort my Templates' toggle to reveal features such as:

  • Adding new folders

  • Renaming and deleting folders

  • Multi-selection checkboxes for each Template/element

  • Drag and drop templates to your desired folders

  • Perform bulk actions such as 'Move to folder' and deleting templates

Adding a new Folder

To add a new folder, make sure the 'Sort my Templates' toggle is turned on and underneath it, you'll see 'Add Folder'. Once clicked, it'll add one with the default 'New Folder' name.

Renaming and deleting folders

Click the 3 little vertical dots to the left of the folder you want to edit. Once clicked, it'll bring up a small sub-menu that will allow you to rename or delete the folder.

Note: Deleting a folder that has templates inside will not delete the templates, they'll simply be moved to 'Not in folder'.

Using multi-selection, and dragging and dropping your templates to different folders

With 'Sort my Templates' turned on, you'll be able to select multiple Templates by clicking the checkbox to the left of each template you want to edit. Once you've selected the templates, simply click and drag the templates to the desired folder and they'll be moved from their existing location.

Applying bulk actions

When you have multiple templates or elements you want to delete or move, you can select all that apply and then at the top you can select the bulk action you'd like to process. In the example below we're inside the Content library and will select our Pricing table elements and move them to the Pricing tables folder by using the 'Move to folder' function.

Re-ordering your folders

To re-order your folders, simply hover hover the folder and your cursor will change to a move icon. Simply click and drag your folder and move it to the correct place in the list.

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