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Setting Expiry dates for your documents
Setting Expiry dates for your documents

Automate the expiry of your documents

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Setting expiry dates allows you to keep on top of your outstanding documents by not allowing your clients to sign after a specific date or a certain amount of time has passed.

Note: this feature is available on the Premium and Enterprise plans.

Turning on Document Expiry Messages

Firstly, you'll need to turn on Document Expiry Messages by going to Settings > Admin > Document Expiry Messages

Then turn on the toggle for Activate Expiry Feature for Documents.

Creating Expiry Messages

To create a new expiry message, click the 'Create new Message' button in the top right.

You'll give your message a name (this is just for internal reference), choose what you want to happen when a document expires and set the message you want the recipient to see.

The Expiry setting has two options which you'll see under the selection for 'What do you want to happen when a document expires?

1. Block access to the document and show a message instead

2. Allow the document to be viewed, but not signed

Both options allow you to specify a message which is usually a reference to the fact the document has expired and to reach out to you.

If you're using multiple brands and document types, you'll want to take advantage of creating multiple expiry messages for each of your required scenarios.

Note: Document expiry messages are not associated with any language translations linked with your brands, you will need to create any additional document expiry messages in the languages you require.

Setting an expiry date/duration for your documents

Assuming you've already enabled Expiry messages - when you create a new document, you'll see there's a section for setting how your document expires. Turn on the 'Do you want your document to expire toggle' and then you'll see two options for setting the expiry settings:

  • Setting a specific date

  • Number of days after the document is sent

Choose the expiry method that works for you and add the date/number of days required. You can then select your expiry message from the dropdown menu on the right-hand side.

You also have the ability to overwrite the existing message if you want to add anything specific to this document's expiry message.

You'll see an update on any expired documents on your Documents list which will allow you to make the decision of following up with the client or simply marking it as Lost.

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