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Using Pre-built sections and content blocks
Using Pre-built sections and content blocks

Rapidly improve your document creation process by using pre-made blocks and sections.

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Accessing Pre-built Sections

Note: Pre-built blocks can be accessed from both the template and document editor.

To access our pre-built sections, just click the + icon in the left-hand sidebar, then select 'From library' and a sidebar will open on the right-hand side. Click the Pre-built Sections tab and you'll be shown various categories of section styles. These currently include the following:

  • Case Study

  • Our Process

  • Introduction

  • Our Team

  • Contact us

  • Next Steps

Click any of these categories and you'll be shown different styling options for those categories. Click the one that closest reflects the sort of design you're going for and 'Add page'.

That's it, once the section has been added, you can adapt the page to suit your needs.

Accessing Pre-built Blocks

Accessing our pre-built blocks is very similar to how it's done with sections. Just click the + icon inside the editor where you'd like to add your new block, then click the 'Content library' option. In the sidebar, click the 'Pre-built blocks' tab, select the appropriate category to filter the options and then select the block that best represents what works for you.

Click 'Add block' and it'll be added to your template or document.

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