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Organizing your blocks into sections
Organizing your blocks into sections

How to structure your blocks so they are ossociated to the correct sections

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Sections are the main structure of your documents. Similar to any other document, they act as its pages.

Section Sidebar

Section names in the left sidebar will always show the first content block inside them. If you want to show a specific block when you select a section it is important to put that block at the top of it.

Moving your blocks

In case you notice that some blocks aren't in the correct position or section you can easily move them across your document.

All you need to do is hover over a block until you see a menu in the top left corner with arrow icons showing up and down directions. Clicking those icons will move the block accordingly.

Section Border

At the top/bottom of each section, there will be a dotted line which represents the section border which is essentially where each section starts/ends. Every border on the far right showcases the names of sections that are associated with that block.

Clicking the arrow icon that will move your block past the border will trigger a pop-up message instructing that the block is about to be moved across to a different section. Simply confirm everything and that is it.

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