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Generating document links without sending
Generating document links without sending

Use this option to send documents with your own email platform

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Important note: Generating links for a document will still use one send from your allowance

How to generate the links for your document

You can do this on the sending screen for any document. You’ll either come to this page when you click ‘Next’ from the document editor or you can click on any document inside your account and click ‘Send document’.

Once you’re on the sending page, fill in the details of your recipients as normal and then scroll to the bottom of the page and click “or generate links without sending

You’ll now see each recipient’s link will appear under their details, with an easy “click to copy” button next to each one.

Tracking updates

Generating the document links will also update your Document Activity so you can see when the links were generated and who the recipients were.

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