Brand Design for your Proposals

You'll edit your brand details in Settings > Proposal Branding. If you have multiple brands set up, simply click on the one you want to edit from there.

You can add as many different brands as you like on our Premium and Enterprise plans. For example you might have different branches of your company or you may like to use different brands for individual products or services. You can add these by clicking the green 'Create New Brand' button.

Name and Language

Set the name of this brand for internal use and type in the company name that you want your clients to see. You can also choose a language (English is default) which will translate certain pieces of text that aren't editable such as the text on the digital signature block.


Choose from one of our expertly chosen colours or type your own HEX reference in if you have a specific company colour you'd like to use. Make sure you type this without the # and ensure it's 6 characters.

Use the 'Browse for Logo' button to upload your logo and you'll see a preview of it below. It's best to use a transparent PNG with a minimum width of 400px.

Email Appearance

Upload your logo which should be suitable for a white background. It should be a transparent PNG of at least 400px width.

Then you can set default email messages for when you send a proposal, and what someone should receive when they sign your proposal.

Proposal Fonts

Choose from one of the pre-set font pairings and use it as-is or click on each font type to choose your own settings.


Set the currency and tax settings for your brand. This can be different for each brand, and you can also override this on individual proposals if needed.

Switching taxes on will add another line under each total on your pricing tables which shows the total including tax. Here's an example:

Note: Your pipeline and reports won't add taxes on.

Thank You Message

This allows you to customise what your clients will see on the 'thanks' page after they sign your proposal.


Customise the messages your clients will see on the payment page after signing your proposal. You can set different messages for before and after payment.

Custom URL

If you're on a paid plan, you can add a custom URL so that your clients don't see anything to do with us when you send them a proposal. There are instructions on the page on how to set this up. You'll need FTP access or a web developer who can upload files to your site.

PDF Setup

Switch the PDF download on/off and customise other options such as the cover style and header colours.

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