The Navigation menu allows access to the pages of a proposal, it's the one that displays on the left hand side of the screen. This is normally set to white with dark text. 

We offer two pre-set options: either a white background with dark text, or a dark background with white text. However the background colour can be changed to any HEX value, allowing your proposals to match your branding perfectly.

Dark text on white menu:

White text on dark menu:

Adjusting the background colour of this menu to suit your branding and logo can be done via: 

Settings > Proposal Branding > Navigation colour and logo

Step 1: Click the wrench icon in the top right hand corner to access Settings, then click into the Proposal Branding menu.

Step 2. Under Navigation Colour and Logo, you can adjust the navigation bar colour. 

If you want a different colour, simply click 'Advanced Settings'. 

Here you can enter your own HEX reference, and choose your preference from dark or light text.  

You will then see the Navigation menu change to your bespoke colour within proposals.

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