To upload your own branded font, start off by going to Settings > Integrations > Fonts > Custom Fonts and then click 'Add new Custom Font'.


  • You must have the necessary rights/license to use the font
  • Only .ttf files are currently supported.

Enter the name of your font and below this, you will upload each file that your font requires. 

You will need to upload each font file separately. For example, you may have one for Regular, one for Bold and one for Italic.

Click 'Browse for Font' and upload the first file. You'll see the file name appear in the 'Font File' field. Now select the correct weight and if it is an italic font, tick the 'Italic' box.

You can add more files by clicking 'Add New Row' and then click 'Save changes' once you're done.

You can now select from your custom fonts in Settings > Proposal Branding > Fonts which you can read about in detail here.

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