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Editing and deleting document covers
Editing and deleting document covers

Create a killer first impression with a superb document cover

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Cover Templates

To edit or delete your existing Covers, you need to click ‘Templates’ in the sidebar of Better Proposals. Once there, you need to click the ‘Covers' tab.

Making changes to covers

To edit a cover, just click the 'Edit' button under the Cover you wish to edit. Editing is exactly the same as creating your Cover. First, rename the cover and then click through to the main edit screen.

Main editing screen 

Most elements on this page are editable just by clicking on them, so for example: to change the logo, click on the logo. And to edit the headline/sub-header, simply click and type.

Cover Settings

For more advanced settings, click the 'Cover Settings' cog. Here you will find options to change the background image, filter, layout, and button text. 

Once you’re done editing, click the green ‘Save’ button in the top right and you’ll be back at your page of Covers.

If you’ve edited a Cover that has been sent to a client, they will see any new logo, background image, alignment, colours and button. What you’ve typed in as the headline and subheader is saved each time you create a document, and is not affected.

Deleting Covers

You can delete any Cover at any time. 

Bear in mind - if a document with a cover has been already sent to a client, the included cover will not be deleted but will still be viewable.  

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